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As there wasn't a site specifically for Old Swan and surrounding areas, where I was born and brought up, in Liverpool, I decided to dedicate this site to it's history. Born in 1961 in Fitzgerald Road, Old Swan Liverpool, to Emily and Ted, with two brothers and a younger sister, life growing up in the 60's / 70's Old Swan was all about playing in the street and Doric Road Park. We'd sometimes take a walk past Knotty Ash train station and into Springfield Park, where in 1966, the picture below was taken.

( L to R   Back Row ) Billy Halligan, Gerard Jones, Tony Halligan and Michael Halligan.
( L to R ) Front Row ) Tommy Jones, John Gilliard, Stephen Halligan, Peter Halligan, Martin Jones ( me ! ) and at the very front are Benny Halligan and Irene Halligan.

The streets of Old Swan were quite empty of cars then, nowadays you struggle to get a parking space. Growing up, our "area" we would wander, the square mile of Derby Lane, Queens Drive, Edge Lane and St. Oswald Street.

If anyone out there has any old pics of the area in and around Old Swan and would like to contribute to this site, please do so.   If anyone would like me to remove anything I have on here, pics etc, then again, please contact me and I will oblige. The information on this site is taken from various websites, The LRO, books and memories. I do not intend to post any content without permission or credit of source.
I will put as much information behind the photographs on here and credit where credit is due. Some of the sources will be Colin Gould's book called "A Pictorial History of Old Swan and Liverpool", "West Derby, Old Swan and Wavertree" by James hoult, "150 years of a Parish" from St. Oswald's Church, "West Derby People" by John Cooper and David Power, Various websites including the great Liverpool Forums: and, where many members pass on their information, facts, pics and memories.

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