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Peter Halligan Collection

The Peter Halligan Collection

During the late 1970's Peter Halligan took it upon himself to take a "few" pictures around Old Swan, without realising, some 30 years later we'd all be enjoying the fruits of his labour, on the Internet. Without his family giving me permission to show these "gems", Old Swan, circa 1979 would be just a memory. Peter had an accident many years ago and is now a resident in Jospice, his family are always around him and I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Peter and his family for letting me scan and show his pictures. Peter's collection of photographs are a great visual documentary of Old Swan.

Peter Halligan was a good friend to all us kids in Fitzgerald Rd, the picture below was taken in the mid to late 1960's, Peter is far right, in front of his brother Stephen.

From Left To Right:
Stephen James, David James, Gerry Furlong, Tommy Jones, Mary Jones, Gerard Jones, Martin Jones, Stephen Halligan and Peter Halligan. Picture courtesy of Gerry Furlong

Self Portrait.
Peter Halligan on his Dad's motorbike

Peter will now take you back in time, 30 years .... 

To start Peter's Collection off, here we see a view looking down Fitzgerald Road. The shop next to Greenwoods would have been "Johnson's The Cleaners", to the right was the 
"Co-Op". Taken circa 1979

The Green Lane - Prescot Road Tram / Bus Depot, again, circa 1979

Bibby Street
This street "WAS" unadopted, so the road was never maintained. The old cobblestones were still evident in 1979

Looking along Prescot Rd, towards Green Lane from Old Swan. Nurseryworld and All Mankind were shops under the flats. Greenbergs, just along on the left, just after the carpet shop and the Gents Convienience !
To the right is the Cygnet Pub.

Looking down St Oswalds St, towards Derby Lane. The shops are a Carpet Warehouse and a butchers

Capturing the White House and The Red House.
The road layout hasn't changed but the shop to the right of the White House, used to be their "Off Sales" !

Cravens Funeral Directors can just be seen to the left, on Broadgreen Rd. Anyone remember the Clock above the door ?
A great view of the White House, a Double Diamond works wonders !

Taken from the entrance to St Oswalds Flats, a view of St Oswalds Church, built in 1842. To the right of the church is the original school.

Halfway down Derby Lane, on the "S" Bend, is Moss Cottage, with the Dairy at the back.

Moving around to Queens Drive, here we see the "Queens Pub", now called "The Stoneycroft". Taken in 1979, well before a small hotel was built on the lefthand side !

Centre is the Thomas Bowden Fountain and in the background, Holly Lodge

Prescot Rd, down by the Wheatsheaf Pub. Towers Cold Meat Storage has gone, so has the garage on the right. Replaced by Housing Estate.

23rd April   1980, Peter snaps an unaware model, walking up Fitzgerald Rd, well OK, it's Yours Truly ! !

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